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A Visionary pioneer who was ahead of her time and able to see the world in an entirely new way, Georgia O’Keeffe is a perfect example of the Enneagram Five. Alert, insightful, curious and inventive best describes a Five. At their worse: they become detached, high-strung and intense and have problems with eccentricity and isolation. Continue reading “Curious and Inventive. Enneagram #5”

Success-oriented, pragmatic, adaptable, excelling, driven, and energetic. But a Three’s strengths are also challenges.   In “Best Self,” Threes usually exhibit the following: As a Three, your resume reveals a long list of accomplishments.  You achieve things. You are the “star” among your peers and acquaintances. People look up to you because of your graciousness and personalContinue reading “The Achiever-Enneagram #3”

Almost all First Responders are exposed to events and situations that could lead to PTSD.  Awareness of these events and possible cumulative effects is the first step in safeguarding our First Responders and plays a vital role in designing an effective culture of wellness.  But, there is another vital step to consider. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder isContinue reading “First Responder Wellness”

Conflict starts when we don’t get what we want. It is inevitable at some point in our workplace each of us will experience conflict. This does not have to be the beginning of a strained relationship. Instead, learn how to use this challenging moment to open up to dialogue and create a strategy that resultsContinue reading “Developing Conflict Resolution Strategies at Your Workplace”