Promotional Testing for Public Safety

At The HarBeck Company we believe promotional testing should go above and beyond mere evaluation.  It should set the tone for what you want your leaders to be. We offer unique promotional testing solutions for your department that centers on leadership, integrity and accountability. 

Our Approach

Each department is unique. One size fits all approaches will never help you promote the best personnel for your department. We offer a variety of standard and customized solutions, tailored to your department and your specific needs.

The LeaderSelect test is provided online which gives an instant report to the agency as well as documentation needed for review and potential appeals. 

Public Safety Testing

LeaderSelect offers promotional testing unlike anything you have ever experienced. Our tests are derived from standard operating policies and procedures, industry specific guidelines and laws, and the world’s greatest leadership texts.

As each candidate completes the examination, an email is sent to the agency’s test proctor along with the questions missed, the candidates answer, the correct answer and the location in the source material where the question was derived. This will streamline the review/appeal process and avoid delays for mailing test booklets back and forth.

The Advantages to Using LeaderSelect Promotional Testing

  • Affordable Study Materials
  • Testing is conducted online at your convenience or on paper
  • Test scores are delivered immediately
  • Analytics are available for test outcomes

The LeaderSelect Master Study Guide available upon request.

Talent Selection

You Need Valid, Convenient, and Modern Promotional Test Results That Provide Answers For Selecting Your Talented Leaders

When considering the written portion of your promotional testing, the following options are vital in giving you the information you want in choosing the right supervisors and leaders.

All are customizable.

Job Match Testing-Based on Large Samples of High Performing—Same Rank—Employees.  Assessment Results Identify the Probability % of Success for Your Candidates.

Some Agencies Are Subject to Civil Service Rules.  We Have an Immense Question Bank Derived from a Wealth of Source Materials Delivered Online or on Paper.  We Currently Have Over 15,000 Questions from Dozens of Professional Police, Fire, EMT, 9-1-1, and Well-Known Leadership Materials.  This Measures Your Candidate’s Grasp of the Body of Knowledge That is Required to Be Successful in the Position as Well as the Role.

Personality Style Assessments-Tell You How Your Candidate Will Interact and Lead Others.

Emotional Intelligence Assessments-Reveal the Individual’s Ability to Build and Maintain Relationships.  We Can Assess for the Following:

  • Self Awareness
  • Self Regulation
  • Direction of Motivation
  • Empathy

Cognitive Reasoning Assessments-Provide Data on How Quickly an Individual Learns New Tasks, How Much Training They Will Require, and the Individual’s Level of Problem-Solving Ability.

Cognitive Ability Assessments-Tell Us What Their Cognitive Strengths Are.  This is Vital Information for Job Assignment and Alignment.

Sample Assessment Results Are Available Upon Request.