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The Coaching Relationship

The right coach is transformational.  Think of the person in your life who believed in you the most and who helped you build your strengths.  Now add a healthy dose of expert knowledge, emotional intelligence and benevolent feedback and you have the type of confidant that customizes your personal and professional development far beyond traditional training.    

Training Solutions

Learning should be taken seriously but that doesn’t mean it cannot be fun.  Our classes are built on facets of interactive learning.  In fact, this learning firm was started in 1992 from the mix of drama, the theater, and psychology.  From harassment to diversity awareness to leadership skills development, our classes build skills and promoted supervisory and leadership awareness.  Call us for a list of over 20 classes.


How do you know where you need to go if you don’t know where you are?  Correctly used and in the hands of an experienced coach, assessments provide direction for professional development within the framework of relational strengths.   Among the objectives when assessing employees and leaders includes increasing personal awareness, identifying job match hiring, and increasing emotional intelligence.  Assessments provide the foundation for job-role training practices that builds specific relational and communication skills. 

Hiring and Promotion

Traditional hiring practices don’t work.  The solution and key discovery over the past ten years is job-match assessment.  Measuring cognitive reasoning, emotional intelligence, behavioral style, personality expression, emotional triggers offer predictive validity and significantly eliminates poor hiring decisions and can serve to change performance culture.


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