Hiring and Promotion

Matching the Right Talent to the Right Job. 
Partner with us to ensure the success of your new hire and your organization as a whole!

Hire Right!

Taking a broad organizational approach to hiring creates a consistent and uniform process that relies on objective, predictive data rather than relying on traditional interviewing. 

Hire Right overcomes myriad hiring biases that cause poor hiring decisions and culminates in conflict poor performance, poor leadership and bench strength, and dissatisfactory customer service.  We are your hiring partner every step of the way. 

At no cost, we create your secure hiring portal where all your pre-hire assessments reside.  We can teach you to use the portal or we can do it for you.  And we are always available to interpret candidate assessment results and advise you regarding which candidate is the best job match. 


Perhaps nothing can improve your ability to identify high performers more than pre-hire assessments. 

We know that interviewing alone is only 15% accurate.  Adding background and reference checks raises your ability to identify a viable employee to only 28%.  Adding personality testing boosts hiring accuracy to 38%.   But adding personality testing, cognitive testing and job matching boosts your ability to identify a high performer to 85%!

Job Matching (Benchmarking)

This is the gold standard! 

Identifying those candidates who match the very highest performers in a given role or job.  We can custom build your high performer pattern or we can use patterns already in our database. 

When candidates take our assessments, they are then compared to high performer patterns with a clear indicator of how well they match those who have been successful. 

Talent Search

From 40 years of testing and developing executives, we have honed our expertise in finding your next leaders. 

When we present individuals for your consideration, you will get a thorough battery of data pertaining to emotional intelligence, leadership influence, job-match, and personality.

In addition, you will be presented with recorded pre-interview segments that allow you to match what you see with pre-hire data.  Predictive data tells you what is under the skin and what you will have when the new role honeymoon is over.

Next Generation Leader (NGL)

Bench strength is a term used when discussing succession.  Bench strength refers to whether those who are next in line are actually ready to step in and step up to leadership roles so that the organization improves from those next in line.   Our NGL training program prepares those who have the job match and the desire to become tomorrow’s leaders.