The benefits of data-based decision making.

Assessments serve different purposes, and no single assessment does it all.  Knowing the information your organization needs is the first step for identifying the tool that will serve as the foundation in your employee/people strategies. 

HarBeck employs some of the best leadership assessments in use today and measures key leadership dimensions.

When partnering with us you will:


Hiring is never an exact science. But we can help you identify the applicant who possesses the highest probability for success. Our Analytics:

  • Help you identify candidates who will match the culture you are seeking as well as the job skills required for the role.
  • Improve employee retention.
  • Reduce hiring bias and ensure culture-fair hiring decisions.
  • Create “success benchmarks” and remove the hit or miss style of hiring that has pervaded the hiring cycle.


Our Analytics help identify:

  • Those internal candidates whose talents and strengths best suit the role and position.

Relationship Dynamics

Our assessments provide valid and reliable people data and helps both us and you to better coach and teach your employees in:

  • Gaining self awareness and improving their awareness of other’s communication and work styles. This is the cornerstone of conflict avoidance and resolution.
  • Improving team collaboration and goal attainment.

Leadership Development

Our analytics will provide vital information to:

  • Improve your Leader’s strengths and help them diminish those challenges that trigger employee survival tactics.
  • Helps Leaders exhibit those skills that stimulate productivity and service.
  • Help Leaders nurture strong and productive relationships.
  • Identify ways Leaders can maximize engagement from teams and employees.