There are some essential truths to embrace regarding leadership.

No one is perfect. Leaders are not born. The objective is to build on strengths while limiting challenges…the key is to know what these are…

HarBeck employs some of the best leadership assessments in use today and measures key leadership dimensions. 

In the 35 years we have been using workplace assessments this industry has seen enormous growth.  One would be hard-pressed to go to any organization that has no familiarity with them whatsoever.  But what continues to be sorely lacking is the most effective use of the myriad assessments on the market today. 

To begin, you must answer the most important question and perhaps the only question:  What are you hoping to accomplish? You see, psychometrists put enormous effort and statistical validation into answering very specific questions in order to address very specific needs.   Is it your goal to:

There is not enough room to list all of the assessments.  Rather, I will give an example or two that addresses each of the questions above.

To resolve conflict, take a look at the Print Assessment®.  PRINT® did more in explaining why I behave the way I do than any other assessment I have ever taken.  This assessment literally saved me from a career crisis many years ago. 

To improve communication, I recommend Extended DISC® or Myers-Briggs®.  We have gone back to organizations 10 years later and employees still comment on what they learned from this assessment all those years ago.

To improve teamwork, an assessment called TeamSight® is unsurpassed.

To identify the absolute best applicant to hire, the Provacore group of assessments possesses the highest validity and reliability of any assessment.  Additionally, this is one of the few job-match assessment out there today.  The assessment compares your candidate to a benchmark of high performing individuals and then tells you the degree of probability that your candidate will be successful.

To provide one-on-one coaching to an individual who is underperforming, I prefer TeamSight® due to the fact that the software allows you to compare individuals within the organization and then offers a guide to how best to supervise, lead, communicate, and influence.  

To provide coaching to a supervisor or leader who exhibits poor leadership qualities, I recommend the EQ-I® (Emotional Intelligence Assessment)

To promote an individual from a strictly lower-level, task-oriented position to one of leadership, I strongly urge the use of The Tallasure MXP®.  In my humble opinion, this is the best pre-hire assessment on the market today.  

To offer feedback to a leader who is blind to his or her shortcomings, use the Tallasure 360®.  You will be blown away by the sheer amount of information it provides and in an easy-to-understand manner.

To shore up an area that is detracting from an otherwise high-performing employee, I recommend TeamSight® or Extended DISC®.  Extended DISC identifies adapted style which identifies the individual’s go-to behavior when under pressure.  

To give performance-related feedback to an employee, I recommend Extended DISC®.  This is the most easily understood tool I have ever used.  It has a mere 26 questions and yet does the most amazing job of identifying personality style that I have ever seen. 

Should you have any questions or if you would like to discuss a particular challenge you are facing in the workplace, please feel free to reach out to us.