While we wade through this new normal stemming from COVID-19, perhaps we can take some time to review where we are with regard to some long-standing business practices.  One of the most vilified practices is, of course, the annual performance evaluation.  Some of you have heard me talk about getting rid of these things completely and instead,Continue reading “Ten Common Pitfalls of Performance Reviews”

February 2017…women marched in over 600 cities totaling approximate 4.2 million. It was arguably the largest demonstration in American history. Signs and banners read: “Keep Your Little Hands OFF Our Rights.” “Men of Quality Don’t Fear Equality.” “I Will NOT Go quietly back to the 1950s” “Super Callow Fragile Ego, Trump You Are Atrocious” AtContinue reading “Is Harassment Finally Getting The Attention It Deserves?”

Some time back, I composed a couple of newsletters that basically proposed the elimination of performance appraisals.  Needless to say, these were the most opened newsletters we’ve sent to you.  These were also the most controversial, not because of the belief that performance appraisals are the best thing since sliced bread, but because it willContinue reading “OK…..So You Want to Keep Your Appraisal System”

Recently pondering the motivation dilemma that most all organizations face at one time or another, I remembered my father’s mantra about creating the right organizational climate:  “Just check with the plumber about which way it runs,” he would say.  “It starts at the top and quickly goes downhill.” Apathy is one of the most seriousContinue reading “Key Ability for Today’s Leaders? Adaptation Tops The List!”

Zombies really exist you know.  Just walk among your corridors and cubicles and you will see some.  Their lifelessness and stilted guttural emanations bring a halt to the energy and passion that underlies forward movement.  What’s worse is that they impart a kind of virus that creates other zombies.  Pretty soon there is an epidemicContinue reading “Factors Influencing Employee Passion…Or…There Really Are Zombies Among Us!”

With Thanksgiving right around the corner many of us will embark upon a considerable gift buying spree for the Holiday Season. Some of us will practically break the bank in an effort to show love and appreciation for family members and significant friends.  But what about the other people in our lives that are significant due toContinue reading “4 Unique Gifts You Can Give Your Employees During This Holiday Season”